Cybersecurity defense training for software developers

Training is aimed at software developers with limited previous exposure to the topics of software hacking and cybersecurity. The goal is to make them more competent in designing and implementing software that is resistant to hacking or other cybersecurity incidents. The domain of cybersecurity overlaps multiple professions, and thus it may become an overwhelming task for software development teams to get oriented on what they should cover if they wish to harden their system. During the training, we provide overview of all the relevant professional domains in relation to security, we present insights to principles of defense and offense and we demonstrate a wide spectrum of approaches to hacking software systems and options for defending them.

The training is flexible and modular, depending on the professional specialization of the targeted software developers. We have prepared modules for developers of embedded and IoT devices, but modules on other topics can be conducted on demand as well.

Both online and offline versions of the training are possible in English.

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